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Legendary Indy Race Car Builder, Bob McKee
The Pilot "My Car Story" episode for Jared's colleague Lou Costabile

Jared on WGN Radio
Talk Show host Bill Moller speaks with Jared about the power of Marketing Video.

Jared Breaks One of His Own Rules Video Production Rules
Find out why this Website Welcome Video required a whopping 2:27 run time, and why that's okay when there's a strategic reason behind it.

Jared Silver (that's me) appeared on the BIll Moller Show, on WGN Radio to talk about... you guessed it, Marketing Video Production. Now... you may be thinking, "Talking about VIDEO on the Radio? Why not WGN television?" Okay... perhaps that will come later, perhaps not. The radio opportunity came up so I did it.

My goal is to help as many business Owners, Professionals and entrepreneurs as possible make the transition into producing and self producing effective Marketing Video, to push their businesses and careers profitably forward! That may or may not include television appearances.

Frankly, I'm happier BEHIND the camera than in front of it. Which, of course, is the whole point of coaching and training others on the skills of effective Marketing video Production. MOST people do NOT feel natural in front of the camera, or scripting what they're going to say in front of the camera, or using a teleprompter CORRECTLY, or handling lighting and sound equipment CORRECTLY - and that's what I offer to smart people.

Why Smart people? Because they realize the awesome power of video to influence and to market one's self - one's brand. In fact, I believe that PROPERLY PRODUCED AND SHARED VIDEO is THE most powerful marketing tool ever! Along with my amazing At a Glance associates, I offer full production services as well as one-on-one or group-level workshop training. We also offer self-training products in the form of DIY (Do It Yourself) training instructional books and video ...on how to produce video. We cover the four cornerstones of effective Marketing Video Production: Scripting - On-camera Presentation - Clean Sound & Lighting Capture - Video Marketing.

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