Breaking The Rules On Run Time

Jared breaks his own rule on Teaser Marketing Video run time being no more than 30 to 90 seconds... 2 minutes if the content is super engaging, or for some other strategic marketing reason.

This sample video runs a whopping 27 seconds beyond the maxiumum 2 minute mark. Yikes! So what is the strategic marketing reason for this?

ANSWER: There is a niche target audience for the specialities offered by Engaging Speakers, which provides support to business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs who use public speaking as a marketing tool to promote their business and career. Since the majority of our population, as Jerry Seinfeld says, would prefer being in the box rather than deliver the eulogy...we know that the target audience for Engaging Speakers is relatively small. These fine people are willing to watch the 2 minute 27 second video for the unique services offered by this organization.
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