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You may have heard me say this before and if not, I'm delighted that you're finally getting this message, because it will play a crucial role in your future business success. We humans buy on emotion... then justify our purchases with logic.

There you have it. A simple concept. Now lets expand on it. Nobody buys a big hot dripping juicy hamburger with seasoned french fries for good health and longevity. It just tastes good - it makes you feel good. Yeah, alright, it's a logical choice for one's mental health... as long as we don't eat ourselves into a heart attack. Right?

Here's another example. That luxury car you've been dreaming about... well, as soon as the funds become available it might just become a logical purchase because it gets double the gas mileage of your current aging vehicle. Right? Well... there are several economy models that get even better mileage at a fraction of the purchase price. But that luxury car... strokes your ego. That's also good for your emotional health. So GO FOR IT! Just remember the mortgage, the utility bills and... well, the kids college fund.

So what emotional engagers will we use in your Teaser Marketing Video and Your Website Welcome Video?

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