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Why Most Marketing Videos Fail & 7 Ways to Ensure Yours Don't


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Online video is a highly effective marketing tool if... properly produced. The primary reason for most marketing video failure is excessive "Digital Static." Now you can get highly effective lead generating videos that are free of Digital Static while saving big money on production costs. Just attend a Video Production Workshop that matches your needs. There are now seven (7) targeted workshops to choose from... seven great ways to prevent Digital Static from "afflicting" your Marketing Videos. Soon your lead generating videos will do what they are intended to do... get qualified prospects to leap into your marketing funnel!

Video IS a fantastic marketing tool! In fact, I believe it's the most powerful marketing tool EVER... if properly produced and free of "Digital Static." At a Glance Marketing is your preeminent and trusted source for Marketing Video "Production and Instruction" with results to drive your business and career forward. I invite you to contact me to have your questions answered. I wish you a very pleasant & profitable day! Jared

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