Reading Versus Using a TelePrompTer

isn't adequate to engage and connect with your target audience. That person who needs and wants what you offer needs to "feel" your message. They must feel that you care and understand where they're at. He or she needs to know that you are a person who can be trusted. Reading Versus Using a TelePrompTer is a skill set that I teach my clients and students, so they will feel and sound believeable when "talking through the camera lens" to the people who need what they offer.

Will your "video clone" be real and engaging when your next ideal client clicks the play button? How to USE a Teleprompter is a critcially important module in my soon to be released – and very affordable – Hybrid Course. Working title, "Take Your On-Screen Brilliance from Blah to Brilliant, to Help More People, and to Get More Business!"

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